Who’s the Boss of Social Media?

Companies are claiming ownership of social media accounts used by employees arguing that they contain trade secrets, proprietary and/or confidential information. Not surprisingly, these arguments have met with mixed results. After all, social media is anything but secret or confidential. As a result, companies are adjusting how they manage the social media accounts that employees are using to increase business contacts and promote the company.

Turn Over Your Social Media Login if You Want a Job

So why would you voluntarily turn over your social media passwords to anyone?! Well, that’s exactly what some employers are requiring as a condition of employment. A 2012 report by Gartner, Inc. estimates that by 2015, 60% of corporations will have formal programs directed at monitoring employee activity in social media. Why do these companies want access to your social media?

Social media may doom your job prospects before you walk in the door

Companies are increasingly trolling social media for information to assist in hiring decisions. While it may seem like a cheap and easy tool, it’s risky business. Nevertheless, companies are doing it more than you think. A recent CareerBuilder poll found that 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates; and that 51% of those companies found something in social media that caused them to reject a candidate.

Can Social Media Cost Me My Job?

A recent CareerBuilder survey found that 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates; another 12% who don’t, said they plan to start. 51% of employers who do such research said they rejected a candidate because of something they posted on social media. So, with freedom of expression being one of the cornerstones of American society, and the internet being the infobahn, information superhighway, global village (plug in your favorite metaphor here) intended to carry that freedom to all four corners of the globe, should you be concerned that a tweet, post, poke, +1 or like will result in job retribution? Well, maybe.